The Rock Creek Health Center is located at 100 Cut Off Road in Rock Creek, BC., which runs between Highway 3 and Highway 33 above the town site. The clinic is managed by the Rock Creek Community Medical Society which is a registered non profit organization run entirely by volunteers. The clinic runs on a stand alone business model providing professionals and services to residents of Area E for health and wellness.


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The Rock Creek Health Center currently offers a General Practitioner Physician, an Internal Medicine Specialist, Chiropractor services, Kinesiology, addiction and substance abuse counseling, Pre-School, CAPC Program (Community Action Plan for Children), and Seniors meetings & activities.


The clinic meeting room is also available for rental which includes kitchen facilities, computer, TV, VCR & DVD player.


For more information on meeting room rentals click link at left.



How can you help maintain health services in the Rock Creek area?


We often hear area residents ask how they can help with or improve medical services offered by the clinic. The simplest answer is to support our dedicated professionals when you have health care needs.


As everyone is aware, securing doctors for a small area like ours is very difficult and this is made even harder if many of the local patients are going outside of our area for their health care needs. For the clinic services to expand the best way for people to help is to support the professionals working within the clinic.


Supporting our clinic professionals will assure you receive health care of the best quality and also means that the clinic will continue to be there in the future.


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